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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, donald trump is now the only presidential candidate left for the gop after john kasich dropped out. the billionaire is now searching for a vp. we have details about his short list including some former rivals. locked, loaded and ready to roll. a chilling warning from a scientist about an earthquake ticking time bomb. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. firefighters saving people and pets in neck-deep floodwater. jumbo jack nicholspot. no powerball winning overnight. now it's the top ten in history. good thursday morning. we'll get startedit
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battle for the republican nomination. >> john kasich suspended his campaign almost immediately after ted cruz did. now kasich may be considered as a possible running mate. meanwhile, after months of tangingling with rivals and republican leaders he's promising to unite the party. >> now turning his attention to the general election and a likely one-on-one showdown with hillary clinton. abc's lana zak joining us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hillary clinton continues to battle it out on multiple fronts. a federal judge ruling she may be deposed in her ongoing e-mail saga as donald trump is now free to focus on the general election. the republican field has been cleared. donald trump stands alone focused now on the general election. >> i'd like to see a very high-level policy oriented campaign. >> reporter: john kasich, trump's last opponent is out. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i hav
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deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward. >> reporter: could that way forward include the vice presidency? >> i would certainly consider him. >> reporter: the hunt for a running mate is on and trump said he would consider kasich, rubio as they become allies and turning to chris christie and ben carson, a man he once said suffered from pathological disease to help him find his mate. some names being floated. newt gingrich and joni ernst. former president bush says he will not be endorses him. at 91 years old he says he's out of politics, but bush 43 spokesperson said that former president has no plans to endorse trump either. still, trump is counting on republican establishment support. >> we'll try to raise over a billion dollars. >> reporter: which could allow him to pay back the p
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money he loaned his committee while he battles hillary clinton. >> i think he is a loose cannons and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> reporter: hillary clinton's primary battle against bernie sanders still continues. though in his last campaign appearance he didn't mention hillary clinton's name at all. the hashtag drop out hillary aand hashtag drop out bernie were batting it out for supremacy. >> lana zak live from washington. thanks. trump is standing by his most controversial promises and told nbc he still plans to deport some 11 million illegal immigrants and ban muslims from entering the country. >> and jonathan karl looks at the state-by-state challenge for both sides. >> hillary clinton has a significant advantage. look at the map. the states in dark blue are states that voted democratic in all of the last six presidential races. all she has to do is to hang on to those states and win the
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electoral votes to be elected president. what trump hopes to do to change that is to win his home state of new york, neighboring pennsylvania, perhaps even michigan. if he can do that he can change the dynamic and he can win. >> all right, jon, thanks for that. jon will have more analysis on "gma" later this morning. turning to our other top story, that raging fire north of the border that consumed much of western canada's main oil city of ft. mcmurray. the flames scorched nearly 40 square miles and some 1600 structures and triggered the largest evacuation in the history of the provence of alberta forcing nearly 90,000 residents to three for their lives. >> i can feel the heat here. oh [ bleep ]. this is insane. >> this was nothing short of something that comes out of the movies. the flames you couldn't even look up high enough. they were so dark. >> i know when i left it was -- it was raining ashing. >> fire officials warn all their efforts to
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far have failed. the cause is still under investigation but unseasonably hot and dwrie conditions are still fueling those flames. the good news is so far no reports of any deaths or injuries. this morning a temporary cease-fire appears to be holding in the embattled syrian city of aleppo. the syrian military fighting opposition forces announced the halt in fighting but said it would last only 48 hours. the city has been brought to the brink of a humanitarian disaster with hundreds killed or wounded and hospitals destroyed. a cease-fire brokered by the u.s. and russia held until about two weeks ago. here at home federal authorities taking action on north carolina's controversial bathroom law targeting the transgendered. the justice department has sent a letter to the state saying hb-2 violates the constitution and threatens billions for the state and gives north carolina until monday to remedy the situation. and new concerns this morning about the big one
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a leading earthquake scientist says the san andreas fault is locked, loaded and ready to roll. the last big quake to strike it was in 1857. experts say another one is long overdue. president obama promised the residents of flint, michigan, that he'll keep the pressure until all their water is safe to drink. during his speech at a local high school the drank from a glass of filtered water to show it was safe contaminated from lead from aging pipes. >> if you're using a filter and installing it then flint water at this point is drinkable. >> and in another development overnight the flint utilities director has agreed to a plea deal. he'll help prosecutors in exchange for a lesser sentence. meanwhile, president obama and the first lady took some time out of their schedule yesterday to recognize a very important holiday. >> yesterday, of course, was the unofficial "star wars" holiday
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the fourth was with them as they furthered inter galactic relationships with stodroids an storm stormers. >> it racked up more than 2 million views. >> all getting in there. >> i would celebrate. r2-d2. >> imagine what they do for cinco de mayo. >> stormtroopers. okay, so still ahead, no powerball winner. the jumbo jackpot swelling overnight. new this morning the drug found in prince's system at the time of his death, plus new details about his final days. how the singer's friends frantically tried to get him help. and screaming in fear. caught in severe turbulence passengers injured on a plane. the new video just in.
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we have new images from the deadly weekend flooding in east texas. some of the most daring rescues were caught on camera like this firefighter neck deep in floodwaters. he and others were trying to save trapped residents. first responders even at one point used a water cooler as a flotation device as they searched in vain for linda as berry and her four grandchildren. those victims despite those efforts were eventually found dead after the waters receded. johnny manziel is set to plead not guilty later today before a judge in dallas. here's the mug shot taken after he turned himself in yesterday. he was booked on a misdemeanor charge stemming from a domestic violence complaint from his former girlfriend. california made a bold move in trying to snuff out youth smoking. they have become the second one in the nation following hawaii to raise the smoking age to 21.
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electronic cigarettes making all smoking, chewing and vaping of tobacco products under 21 illegal. the largest recall in u.s. history more than doubled. safety regulators are adding up to 40 million passenger and side air bags made by takata. that's on top of the 28 million already on the list. that means as many as one in four vehicles on the roads right now could have the defective air bags. they can rupture sending shrapnel at people in the vehicles. they are responsible for at least 11 deaths. repairs to all the affected vehicles could take years. pat powerball jackpot is now at least $415 million after nobody one. five won a million dollars for getting five numbers right. the next jackpot saturday. the biggest pot back in january $1.6 billion. if i remember correctly this
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show tried to play and accide accidentally bought a mega millions ticket. >> we won a penny split by all of us. a boulder smashing through a windshield. this morning the driver is talking about the terrifying ordeal. plus, five miles offshore treading water for hours some boaters found this tiny dog at sea. now safe and sound.
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well, the latest radar showing that powerful line of storms moving off the east coast but pore storms are taking shape swirling over the great lakes. that system will bring more wetterliwet weather to the northeast. morning road conditions. wet roads from maine down to south carolina and into the ohio valley. in the west roads will be wet across much of california and up into the northern rocky mountains. if you're flying fog and showers could cause airport delays in new york, boston and san francisco. this morning we're learning some troubling new details about the death of prince. >> law enforcement sources close to the investigation confirm that the painkiller percocet was found in prince's system. both the u.s. attorney and the dea have now joined the investigation as abc news learns the pop singer's inner circle was trying to get him help for an addiction to painkillers. investigator
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the cause of death. police in texas are investigating a workplace shooting that left two dead. marion williams dismissed from a houston area transportation company stormed into the building shouting that they'd ruined his life and then opened fire. he killed a supervisor and wounded two others before turning the gun on himself. on average there is one deadly workplace shooting every day in this country. some terrifying moments played out in the sky over indonesia yesterday. take a listen. those were people screaming on board this flight that hit sudden and severe turbulence as it prepared to land in jakarta. some hospitalized with serious injuries. it landed safely but turbulence enough to damage cabin storage areas. getting our first look at an accident averted thanks to the
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they were trying to recover the body of a hiker when the safety rope got caught up in the blades and sounded like an explosion as they went tumbling down the rocks. the tail flew over their heads but somehow the pilot managed to land safely. now to a terrifying close call for a woman driving along a highway near miami. a huge rock came flying straight into jessica gauge's vehicle and crashed through her windshield but she miraculously walked away with just a few scratches. she now says god must have been watching out for her. >> a car hit a big boulder in the middle of the road and split it in two and the path of the boulder came through the windshield and hit me. next thing i knew i had glass all over me and the boulder in my lap while i was driving. >> quite an image. >> gabe says two others ran over boulders. they believe construction on the highway is to blame. hearing about another amazing tale of survival out of the gulf
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beach five miles offshore when they spotted something in the water. they thought it was a buoy but it was this little jack russell terrier. his owner reported him overboard nearly three hours earlier. as you can imagine that made for a very tearful reunion. >> if we weren't as close we wouldn't have seen him. he had tears. he said, i had given up and searched as long as i could and just didn't see him and we just thought we lost him. >> the boaters all agreed that what saved that little dog's life was that tiny animal life vest you see him wearing. >> looks a little scared but on dry land now. >> i'm sure he's happier now. time for sports and hockey and nba playoffs. >> our guys at espn. >> good morning. it's "sportscenter" here from los angeles. kenny mayne, stan verrett. overtime hockey game. >> yeah. >> in playoffs and
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three-pointers by one team in a basketball playoff game. that's not how it's composed to work. >> capitals and pension ins, trevor daley, slapper and a goal. caps down 2-1. justin williams, battling in the corner. john carlson wants it. yeah, tied at 2 apiece. overtime was necessary. 2:30 in. patric hornqvist on the slot. 3-1. series leadpenguins. >> cleveland up a game at home, hit 18 threes in the first half. a record and then they came back in the second half. that made 22 threes. eye m iman shumpert. you'll get the point. it's like you saw 25. dahntay jones, that's 24. that's the record. they made 25 in all. most in any nba game.
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regular season or playoff game. cavaliers take game two, 123-98. so atlanta is going to have to find a way to respond. game three of that series coming up friday night. >> indeed, kentucky derby and iquist will break from the 1th spot and join the race. >> i do think they have to work on that power move, celebration move. another sports now, this one involving a heads-up play. >> a hard ground ball went right back to jon lester, problem was when he caught it. he couldn't get it out of his glove so throws the actual glove to the first baseman who caught it no problem. >> now, get this. lester made the same play tossing his glove with the ball stuck in it to first last april against the padres. >> maybe they're practicing that move. >> maybe that is something that the cubs are, you know, coining as their own. >> very clear out. he got it. up next in "the pulse," megastar expecting her first child at nearly 50 years old.
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all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray. wasn't working out. miserable fail. "the pulse" started with donald trump soon to be moving on to a new beat. >> trump has been walking out on stage to the rolling stones' classic "start me up" but the stones have now asked him to stop playing their song saying they never gave him permission. >> this is not the first musical act to ask trump to shut it down. you may recall neil young ripped into him for using "rocking in the free world" without permission. >> excited to see what he chooses next. just in time for mother's day, no word that jan
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expecting her first child. >> the pop superstar will turn 50 in just a matter of days on may 16th. now last month she announced she was postponing her tour in order to start a family. >> jackson married her third husband a business messenger in qatar in 2012. no official word about what the baby might be arriving. in next story will make you think twice about holding on to a tub of carrots or inside a bus at a safari park. >> what could possibly go wrong? what one parkgoer did in north carolina when this happened. >> don't. >> that's a danish tourist got way more than she bargained for at this outing at aloha have ferrari south of raleigh. >> the giraffes were sticking their neck out for a snack. >>
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good morning washington. it's thursday may the fifth. happy "cinco de mayo".. and happy friday eve. good morning washington. i'm autria godfrey.. and i'm larry smith.. toss to eileen today: cloudy and cool. spotty showers. highs: 56-60 winds: ne 5 mph tonight: rain likely. patchy fog. lows: 48-52 winds: nnw 5-10 mph friday: overcast with rain. highs: 57-60 winds: nnw 5-10 mph
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overnight. while many people were sleeping.. a section of wisconsin avenue in northwest was shut down after a man climbed to the top of the scaffolding around the national cathedral. police shut down the street for more than three hours as they negotiated with the man. he eventually gave himself up. just a few minutes ago-- that street reopened. this morning.. police are looking for the person responsible for a fatal shooting in prince william county. it happened just before 11-pm wednesday on darbydale avenue in dale city. when police arrived - they found out the victim had been taken to a nearby shopping center. he later died. the victim - an adult male - has not been identified and no one is in custody. a maryland woman finally speaking out-- months after she is shot while trying to pick up her son from a metro station. iris sherman was wounded by
4:28 am
bleeding badly -- she called her son -- who was at the metro station - and called 9-1-1. but he didn't know where his mother was. then -- hearing a car horn blaring -- he ran as fast as he could toward the sound. sherman still has trouble walking, but is just thankful to be alive. nearly six months after the shooting -- police say the case has gone cold. investigators -- and sherman -- hope our reports on this story lead to justice. a different kind of rescue to tell you about-- this one happened outside a metro in northwest. and as you can see-- it wasn't a person who needed the help. it was a baby beaver. several people recorded the little guy as he wandered around the steps at the van ness station. animal control checked him for injuries and released him back into the wild.
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a few months old -- old enough, experts say, to be on his own. it's xx and we're just getting started. guilty as charged. a local man learns his fate for the brutal murder of a young college student. how long the jury wants to put him behind bars. a heart-breaking end for capitals fans in game 4. how the team is reacting as they come back home, on the brink of elimination. good morning washington.
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today: cloudy and cool. spotty showers. highs: 56-60 winds: ne 5 mph tonight: rain likely. patchy fog. lows: 48-52 winds: nnw 5-10 mph friday: overcast with rain. highs: 57-60 winds: nnw 5-10 mph


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